Annual Report 2008-09

According to every years, also in previous year 2008-09 society Ashutosh Shiksha Evam Sewa Sansthan worked under social work for conservation of health, Economical development, Educational development to poor, helpless, widows, handicapped, oldage and for every class, caste students back worked, General, Schedule caste, schedule tribes, for their social and economical development. For their development society took from Government help, loan and societied help. Because it is true that now present time, economical development is main role so it is necessary for every class and age person that they choose economical development, so society worked whole year for commercial educational development, establish awareness centre, and camp and other sources and also organized interview camp. In this way the Annual Report of year 2009 as under :-

1. Awareness Camp for commercial educations : In the thought of society that in the present time the number of educated unemployed increasing day by day due to increasing of number of students, and it is a challenge for country, if we want the solution of this problems so their should be totally motivation of students for economical and professional education and should be totally centralization for economical education, so society aware and tell them with the help of own representative and organizing by awareness camp for subject “Hum Berojgar Kyon” for 3500 students of 18 inter and 12 degree college for choose commercial education and training.

2   Establishment of Commercial College : Society thought that if in the effect of motivation camp, increase the number of students for commercial education then it will be a good result but there can become a problem for Eastern U.P. students. Because the commercial education out of side of Eastern U.P. greater Noida, Delhi, Noida, South of India, Mumbai and other place is very costly. Because there are more costly of hostel expense, many times costly fees and others so it will be great problem to go there and get education. Due to this cause they became nurbus and result of this. They can withdraw in their opinion, with this effect many student of poor class can not go out side and can not get commercial education.

So, society decided and established K.I.P.M. College for M.B.A. and Kailash Institute of Pharmacy and management College for B. Pharma in G.I.D.A. sector with co-operation of Public plus on its own cost. This step of society got a lot of change of eastern U.P. students and students became very pleased.

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