Aims & Objectives

1. Name of Society :
Ashutosh Shiksha Evam Sewa Sansthan, Gorakhpur.
2. Address :
15-H, Kailash Kunj Daudpur, Behind Charuchandrapuri Colony, Gorakhpur.
3. Registered office :
15-H, Kailash Kunj Daudpur, Behind Charuchandrapuri Colony, Gorakhpur.
All over India.


  • 1. To start, establish, run, takeover or manage and maintain school, with an object to provide sound pre-primary, middle, secondary, senior secondary and higher education to children by seeking recognition, affiliation, of any of its institutions with any society, Government/Semi Government Institutions, Govt. Department as and when so required.
  • 2. To establish institutions, school, colleges, pathsalas any where in India for furtherance of education amongst the masses and establish the industrial academic, technical, vocational, trade, professional i.e., Legal, commercial training centers in any language recognized by the constitution of India or any other national or foreign language whatsoever, to train the youths to empower them establish various village/cottage/small scale industries.
  • 3. To arrange and manage the training institutions in Typing, Shorthand, Computer , Fine Arts, Crafts, Music, Painting, Modeling, Dancing, Yoga, Fashion Designing, Physical education and in other professional training subjects.
  • 4. To establish, run and get recognition/ affiliation with different boards of Junior high School, High School and Intermediate education, CBSE, ICSE and ISC Delhi Board and colleges with Hindi/ English medium for boys as well as girls from K.G. Nursery, Basic, Junior to Higher education standard and also Adult education including those from the minority community, backward, scheduled cast and tribal as per policy of Government from time to time.
  • 5. To establish and run all types of training centers including those preparing for higher services of India and Aboard, P.M.T and entrance examination to Engineering and Professional/ Vocational courses.
  • 6. To establish hostels and residential boarding houses for students in general particularly schools, colleges and other institutions run by the society.
  • 7. To conduct various games and sports, establish gymnasiums, health club, swimming pools, stadiums, play grounds, fields and sports centre for the people specially youths to generate the teams spirit and integrity amongst them.
  • 8. To establish libraries, reading rooms, lecture/conference halls, arrange and collect books, magazines, periodicals, study materials, computers and connect with internet media, update the students, teachers with knowledge of global standard.
  • 9. To promote literary, cultural and other social activities awareness programmes, adults education, classes, lectures, essay competitions, exhibitions, symposiums, cultural programmes, press conference seminars, audio-visual and mass media services, etc. in accordance with and in furtherance of the objective of the society.
  • 10. To engage, employee or hire appropriate staff, workers, legal experts and other professionals, attorneys, managers and agents for the work and furtherance of the aims and object of the society and to pay their wages, salaries, stipends or fees.
  • 11. To arrange and organize various kind of child welfare programme./ activities. To under take study and research on all matters pertaining to overall development and welfare of children and all other sector of are society.
  • 12. To purchase/ acquire the land and or the building in the name of society and make construction there upon for the up-liftment and fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the society.
  • 13. To give scholarships, financial aid and assistance to the students , poor and needy, establish library, book bank, provide books, copies, stationary to the poor and meritorious students of backward and weaker section of the society.
  • 14. To create construct, alter, maintain, sell, lease, mortgage, transfer, improve, develop, manage and control all or any part of the property or the building of the society necessary or convenient for the purpose of the attainment of the aims and objectives of the society.
  • 15. To take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evils such as dowry system, wastage of money in various functions, use of intoxicated drugs, child marriage (bal vivah) and child labour etc.
  • 16. To create a sense of brother hood, cooperation, mutual harmony love and affection among the members of the society and also amongst the general public.
  • 17. To open, found, establish ,promote, setup, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or help the various community development programmes/ activities and also construct and develop the community halls, socially, charitable dispensaries, general public.
  • 18. To accept and collect donations in cash and kind fore activities of relieves during natural calamities like floods, draughts, famines, earthquake and other calamities and start, maintain and assist in reliever measures with the help of other voluntary and government agencies for development activities and programmes.
  • 19. To establish community radio centre for development of Information and Technology and center for Transfer of Technology in various field like Leather, fashion, Bio, Herbal Food, Agro, Medical, Health, culture, Sanitation, Education etc.
  • 20. To educate the children, women, rural and urban people by setting up Computer centers, Cyber Café and other audio-visuals about the objects of the society for the upliftment of their moral and social life.
  • 21. To encourage the people for the use of Bio-Gas Plant, Solar energy, System, Gobar Gas Plant, Wind Mills as natural energy sources to save the other costly and rapidly lasting sources of energy.
  • 22. To educate the children and persons about the rights and necessitations/ promote ancient Himalaya Culture, Language, Religion, Performing Art and Development of Buddhist/ Tibetan Culture, promotion and strengthening of Museum/Art, Folk Art, Literacy visual and Performing Art etc.
  • 23. To promote, establish, run, improve, diversity and develop agriculture sector with a view to help the growth and modernization of Agriculture, Sericulture, Horticulture, Vmivulture, Floriculture, Forestry, Apiculture, Poultry Farming, Pig farming, Sheep Farming, Milk and Dairy Farming, Fish Farming, Agro Based Industries, Plantation and Handloom Development.
  • 24. To establish food processing industry for Fruit and vegetable, bakery and confectionary, Fish Meat, Poultry and Egg. Milk and dairy Product, Oil Processing, Mushroom Spawn Production and Processing, Grain processing and Consumer Industries Chocolate, Confectionary, Soft/Aerated Beverage/ Drinks.
  • 25. To establish, run, improve and develop village industries on metal Based, Forest Based, Agriculture Based, Chemical Based Industries, Engineering and Non Conventional Energy, Garment, Service etc. in accordance with the manner laid down by Khadi and village Industries /Board /Commission. To make the efforts for betterment of rural and the persons belonging to such areas regarding to their socio-economic welfare.
  • 26. To undertake all activity of formal and non-formal education for the development of the poor and in pursuance of this start baladies, Anganwadies, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary and non-formal education institutions and develop TRISEM planning for the development of women establish/run NORAD/WEP and STEP for women scheme, a government of India schemes.
  • 27. To arrange, conduct industrial fair and business fair on National, Provincial and Local levels.
  • 28. To open, form, establish, promote, setup ,run, maintain, assist, Finance, support and/or help the various Tourist Development Programmes/ activities.
  • 29. To establish Food-Processing parks and Warehouse Public Pollution Control Unit and Testing Laboratories etc. to help the farmers for the protection of their crops.
  • 30. To establish Forests Base Industries, Godown, Ware House for production of agriculture based produce. To market/produce different type of village based products.
  • 31. To arrange/accept all kinds loans, advances, subsides, donation/grants, presents gifts, contributions, from State Government, Central Government, semi Government Organization, Nationalized banks, Schedule bank, cooperative Banks, Financial Institutions, Foreign Government and Bodies, Bank, Trust or Individuals with or without conditions, department of social welfare, Capart, Nabard, Sidbi, Ministry of Human resources, Dwera, Dwakara Unicef, Duda, Suda, Apeda Ireda, Sifsa, Kadhi and village industries board/ commission, different ministries and from individual in cash or kind, movable and Immovable in or out side India for carrying out the object of society and create charge against the assets of the society for the same for security the payment of loans.
  • 32. To do such other things/ acts activities which are necessary and which may be incidental or conductive for the attainment of any of the object of the society.
  • 33. To open, found, establish, Maintain and assist other institutions for helping the poor, destitute, widows and orphans of all faiths and communities.
  • 34. To give minatory help to disabled, mentally retarded people aged persons or blind persons in the form of monthly allowances or gratuities and establish rehabilitation centers, train them to make capable to earn their livelihood.
  • 35. To provide for all activities for improving the moral standards of all the people promoting respect for all religion or tolerance and cordial feeling between men and women irrespective of difference of Caste, Colour, Creed or Religion.
  • 36. To award Prizes, medals and that like in College, School etc. to encourage students for the higher and better education.
  • 37. To run and conduct free Heart Camp, Eye Camp, Dental Camp, Health Camp Blood Donation Camp, Free Food Distribution Centres, independently or in collaboration with other concerned individuals Groups or Organizations for the public good.
  • 38. To undertake, carry out promote, Sponsor, assists manage, cooperate encourage to organize Lecturer, Conference, Seminars, Workshops , Training Programmes etc. and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of the object of the society.
  • 39. Setting up and maintenance of Charitable Hospitals, Training Centres, Charitable Diagnostic Centres, Mobile Hospitals and provide awareness of health problems and means to solve them in and by the communities. Train, Health Guides, Das and other multipurpose workers just to make a healthy society, various activities for the improvement of the health of the general public at various places will be performed.
  • 40. To conduct short-Term Vocational Training Courses and Entrepreneurship Development Programme in various trades/ vocations for youths both for boys/ girls.
  • 41. To establish/ run special School. Day-Boarding, Hostels etc for physically handicapped people and mentally retarded people and also provide training in Computer, Handicraft, Stitching, Tailoring, Embroidery, Shoes Making, Plastic Molding, Cassette Dobbing, Candle Making etc. And establish/run training centre.
  • 42. To construct Day Care Centres, Houses, Hostels and Old Age Homes for old people and to rehabilitate them.
  • 43. To take up Programmes in which science and technology may have major role in improving live, working conditions and opportunities for gainful employment for women.
  • 44. To take up Programmes for accelerating the pace of rural development by application of science and Technology (techniques and technologies for cost reduction, improving productivity etc) especially in the field of Water Exploration and Purification, Sanitation, Low Cost housing, agriculture and Animal Husbandry and Engineering Sources by establishing community radiation centre.
  • 45. To undertake Programmes which ensures rising of income level and expanding employment opportunities of the water section of the society, particularly of those living below the poverty line and women by involving. Participants in the planning, implementation and maintenance of activities taken up.
  • 46. Supply of safe drinking water & basic sanitation, using technology that the people can alter & concentration on developing rural health infrastructure.
  • 47. Concerted action to combat wed spread malnutrition- promotion of food supply & proper nutrition.
  • 48. To mobilize women in small viable groups and make facilities available the and access to credit. To provide training for skill upgrading. To enable groups of women to take up employment-cum-income generation programmes by providing backward and forward linkages.
  • 49. Research into alternative method of health care delivery & low cost health technologies.
  • 50. To aid and support deserving and support deserving and/or socially or physically handicapped individuals, blind of deaf and dumb children and others wherever and whenever necessary, training/financially or otherwise. Spectral School for handicapped children & person with cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation Distribution/Purchase/Fitting of Aids/Appliance.
  • 51. Look after specifically the vulnerable and weaker section of the community.
  • 52. Create & maintain a healthy environment both at home as well as working places. Education concerning prevailing health problems & method of preventing and controlling them.
  • 53. Maternal and child health care including family planning & Immunization against major infections diseases.
  • 54. Provision of essential drug & appropriate treatment of common injuries & prevention of Alcoholism and substance drugs to create awareness and educating the people about the ill effects of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individual, the family and the society at large. To evolve culture-specific model for the prevention of alcoholism and substance and the treatment and rehabilitation of addicts. To provide for the whole range of community-based services for the identification motivation, de-addiction, after care and rehabilitation of addicts, To promote collective initiative and self help endeavor among individuals and groups vulnerable to addiction of found risk.
  • 55. To promote, establish, run, construct, improve and develop activities, schemes, and programmes related with natural resources of country with a view to help the growth modernization and better management of the same.
  • 56. To promote, establish, run, construct, improve and develop water resources works with a view to help the growth and modernization of Irrigation, water supply, Drainage and Floods.
  • 57. To help the persons below the poverty line and improve their socioeconomic conditions.
  • 58. To run, manage Social Welfare Scheme of the State Govt. Central Govt. and other organizations with a view to help unemployed persons, handicapped persons, youth, widows, children, ladies, backward classes, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.
  • 59. To create general awareness amongst the people regarding socio-economic development, economic and efficient use of natural resources and their obligation to achieve the same.
  • 60. To organize Seminars, Training camps and implement pilot schemes to achieve the aforesaid objectives.
  • 61. To Train the unemployed youth and promote their participation in the construction and development activities so as to make them earning members of the society.
  • 62. To work with or in close association with other, Govt./NGO to achieve aforesaid objectives.
  • 63. To promote better practices for solid waste management.
  • 64. To make self-help amongst the people of the weaker sections for enhancing their socio economic status, enable them to earn their livelihood by establishing village/small industries and enterprises.
  • 65. Try to eradicate the different social evils and make the society free of any unsocial, harmful evils, free of drinking liquor, drug abuse and immoral child and women trafficking.
  • 66. To make efforts for enhancing more agricultural yield, improve saline, desert and watershed areas for cultivation, to do research for innovative technology, sensitise and inspire the farmers to adopt the modern methods of agriculture.
  • 67. To work for protection & improvement in environment and all such issues which improve the quality of life.
  • 68. Make effort to provide the fundamental necessities to the people in general. Take measurers for the welfare, upliftment and advancement of the children, women, aged people, handicapped persons, minorities, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, slum-dwellers and the down trodden class people belonging to below poverty line to improve their socioeconomic, educational centers for the sensitization of the people for natural resources and ecology.
  • 69. To help, rehabilitate the victims of natural calamities and disasters, train the people the to enhance the social harmony, national integrity and global amity.
  • 70. To guide and train the youngsters and enable them to achieve their career goal. Enhance people's participation for the community mobilization and advancement of the social development.
  • 71. To generate awareness amongst people for better health, education sanitation, and nutrition.
  • 72. To organize various competitions to search the talented children & women in the fields like art, craft sports, education, study, general knowledge etc. To encourage the children and people of the Society for more tree plantation and for taking steps to prevent the cutting of trees and forest.
  • 73. To make publicity and advertisement to encourage the children and women for gallantry and social works and to make people familiar with the objects of the Society.
  • 74. To educate the children their parents and people, to maintain a better environment to take steps to reduce the increasing pollution.
  • 75. To educate the people by way of exhibitions, camps, Seminars, hoardings, advertisements, programmes etc. about the bad other sedatives in order to develop a healthy society.
  • 76. To provide for and to engage, undertake, organize and arrange for all type of people Welfare and particularly.
    (a) Award Winning in National and Indian competitions.
    (b) Participation in National and Indian competitions.
    (c) Cultural exchange programmes at National and Indian level and conducting of dancing, music, singing and playing various musical instruments on nominal charge.
    (d) Participation in Radio and Doordarshan programmes.
    (e) Scholarship for socially & economically weak children/women and for adult education, labour education programme etc.
  • 77. To undertake and participate in programmes pertaining to health, education, employment etc. in the fields of rural and urban area andto provide all possible educational facilities the urban/rural/hill areas by establishing of Schools, Colleges, Recreation Centres, Parks & Library etc.
  • 78. To educate rural people to adopt cottage, Village, tiny and SSI Industries for the upliftment of the living standards of the rural people.
  • 79. To aware the farmers abut the use of advanced scientific agricultural techniques, equipment, pesticides and fertilizers to increase the agriculture production and encourage them to grow more rich crops.
  • 80. To encourage the handicraft work and traditional art & craft culture in rural & urban areas for the upliftment of social life and to main in traditional values.
  • 81. To spread the spirit among people for donation of their eyes after death to make the blind lives enlighted & to take every step for the cure of persons suffering from leprosy and providing shelter to such persons.
  • 82. Developing wasterlands/ degraded lands, drought-prone and desert areas of watershed basis, keeping in view the capability of land, site- conditions and local needs, Promoting the overall economic development and improviding the socioeconomic condition of the resources poor and disadvantaged section in habitating the programme areas.
  • 83. Mitigating the adverse effects the extreme climatic conditions such as brought and desertification on crops, human and livestock population for their overall improvement & Restoring ecological balance by harnessing conserving and developing natural resources i.e. land, water, vegetative cover. Encouraging village community for :
    (a) Sustained community action for the operation and maintenance of assets created and further development of the potential of the natural resources in the watershed.
    (b) Simple, easy and affordable technological solution and institutional arrangements that make use of, and build upon, local technical knowledge and available materials.
  • 84. Employment generations, poverty alleviation, community empowerment and development of human and other resources of the village.
  • 85. To prevent cruelly to animals and to alleviate the suffering of animals to the maximum possible extent :- (i) To employ paid staffs to watch, warn or prosecute, as needful, all persons guilty of cruelty to animals.
    (ii) Establishing or encouraging the establishment of animals shelter, water through, pinjrapoles and the like for providing shelter and other amenities to animals incapacitated for work by reason of old age, sickness or injury.
    (iii) Rendering of veterinary assistance to sick and injured animals by establishing veterinary dispensaries, veterinary hospitals, animals clinic and animal ambulance.
    (iv) Coordinating its work with the state departments concerned with the animal welfare with the animal welfare board of India, other animal welfare organization for promoting its objectives.
    (v) Imparting education in relation to the human treatment of animals encouraging the formation of public opinion against infliction of pain or suffering to animals and for the promotion of animal welfare by means of lectures, books, posters etc.
  • 86. All the income, earning, movable or immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objectives only as set forth in memorandum of the society and no profit thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way dividends, bonus, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or the past members of the society or to any persons claiming through any one or more of the present or the past members. No member of the society shall have any personal claim on any movable or immovable properties of the society or make any profit, whatsoever by virtue of his membership.
  • 87. To do all such other things as may be necessary for or incidental to, or conducive to the objects of the society or allied thereto and which are not against the societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860.