Aims & Objectives

1 Name of Society :
Ashutosh Shiksha Evam Sewa Sansthan
2 Registered Office :
15-H , Kailash Kunj, Behind Charuchandrapuri colony Daudpur, Gorakhpur.
3 Membership:

The member of society is open to any person of Indian nationality who is not less than 21 years of age has faith in the objectives of the society and is prepared to serve the society without any self interest, can get the membership of society. A membership certificate who will be also be provided to such members by the secretary of the society, and for this the approval by the managing committee will be essential to this.

(a) Founder member : A person will be called life member who will pay Rs. 10001 /-(Ten thousand one rupees only) to society at a time in cash or kind or any movable or immovable property of the same value.
(a) General Members : A person who will pay an annual membership subscription of Rs. 1001/- One thousand one cash at a time, will be called general member. That general member, who will pay member’s fees continuously for three years, shall have the power of voting.
(c) Special Member: No membership fee shall be charged from the renowned persons, scientist and specialist of any field , the services of whom may be beneficial for achieving the goals and objectives of the society.

Termination/Cancellation of Membership: The managing Committee of the society shall have the power to expel/ a member or/and members from the membership of the above society, on the following ground and reasons.

(a) On death failure to pay fixed fees for membership within fixed time.
(b) Not to be pay fixed membership fees within fixed time.
(c) Membership of a person may be liable to be cancelled by the Secretary following the recommendation of the managing committee. In the case of the member is found guilty of being unsound in any act that in anger the interest of the society.
(d) On getting punishment awarded by any court for any heinous crime.
(e) If he/ she has been declared the person of unsound mind or insolvent.
(f) On absence in three consecutive meetings without any permission or any cause.

Parts of the Society: There will be two bodies of the society:

(a) General Body
(b) Managing Committee.
A- Formation: General body shall comprise life members selected as referred to members under article (4) of the rules and regulations.
B- Meetings: Meetings of general body will be twice in a year & special/emergency meetings can be called by Secretary at any time.
C- Term of notice: A notice about the holdings of the general meeting of the general body will be delivered to every member 15 days before, such meeting three days before and extra ordinary general meeting in writing and/or by mail.
D- Quorum of Meeting: for the quorum of all general meeting, the attendance of 2/3 of members shall be necessary. In event of lack of quorum, meeting will be suspended and called on any other day. Quorum will be not necessary for the suspended meeting.
E- Annual Conference of the society: The annual conference / extra ordinary meeting of the special general body will be organized in the month of June every year.
F- Duties & Powers of General body : Duties and powers of general body will be as under
(i) To observe activities of Society.
(ii) To give acceptance of annual report, audit description of income – expenditure and others important matters of the society.
(iii) To elect the members and office berear of Managing Committee
(iv) To give acceptance or to make any change or corrections of rules and regulations of Society.
(v) To give acceptance of necessary budget for a duration of development scheme.

(B) Managing Committee:-

(a) Formation: The Managing committee will be constituted by members of general body, in which there will be one President, one Vice President, one Manager, one Secretary & seven honorable members. Thus, there will be eleven Members in the Managing Committee. The numbers of office bearer and Members may be decreased or increased as per the requirement.
(b) Meeting: The general Meetings of Managing Committee will be twice in a year. Extra ordinary Meeting may be called at any time by Secretary.
(c) Term of the notice: the notice about the holding of the General Meeting of Managing Committee will be sent to all the members by post or in written 15 days prior to such a meeting and three days before an extra ordinary meeting. notice
(d)Quorum of Meeting: The quorum for all Meetings of Managing Committee shall be the attendance of at least 2/3 of all members and in event of lack of quorum; meeting will be called on other day. Quorum will not be necessary for the suspended meeting.
(E) Fill up the vacant seats: The emergency vacant seat of Managing Committee will be filled in by the as assend of the majority of members of general body for the remaining period.
G- Powers & Duties of Managing Committee : Duties and powers of Managing Committee will be as under
(i) To scheduled the programme executed successfully for the fulfillment of the objects of the Society.
(ii) Preparing the annual budget of the society for its development and to get approval from the general body.
(iii) To maintainence and control movable and immovable securities and funds received by the society from different sources.
(iv) To take disciplinary action against paid employees and beneficiaries and consider the appointment of new members.
(v) To monitor and control the performance of paid workers.
(vi) To receive subscription, donation, gift and grant from the central/state Govt. in the interest of society and make proper use of them.
(vii) To keep accounts description of all income, expenditure and expanses for all items of received amount from different sources.
(viii) To discuss and consider and take decisions on any proposal or matter in meeting of society.
(ix) To do any other act which is the interest of the society.
(x) To take loan- secured or insecured, cash credit limit, bank guarantee or any other financial help from different type of nationalized banks/other banks and financial institutions for the fulfillment of the objectives of the society. To authorize the President/ manager or any other office bearer for taking necessary action or executing bonds or for disposal of documents.
Term of office: The term of office of the managing committee will be five years but it may continue until the new members are elected but it will be necessary to elect the new members within six months of the expiry of the prescribed term of managing committee.

Powers and Duties of the office bearer of the Managing Committee: President

(a) to preside over every meeting of the general body and the Managing committee
(b) To give necessary suggestions for development of society.
(c) In condition of equal vote in numbers, the president has the power to cast one extra decisive vote.

Vice President

(a) In the absence of the president or agreement of the president, Vice President will perform all the duties of the President


(a) To act as chief executive of the society.
(b) To call all the meetings of Society and manage its organization completely.
(c) To maintain all documents related with the Management and correspondence.
(d) To do all correspondence in favour of society.
(e) To act as chief functionary of the society for legal matters, related with the court.
(f) He can depute any person as his representative for this work.
(g) To produce proposal, report , suggestion etc. in meeting of society for discussion.
(h) To conduct / operate all accounts of society.


(a) To note /record all minutes of society and prepare all society related documents.
(b) To prepare annual report of society.
(c) To ensure peace in all meetings of society and to conduct the meeting fulfilling all the legal formalities.
(d) To prepare annual budget and represent proposed budget in meeting of general body.
(e) To sign bill vouchers.
(f) To do appointment, termination and punishment of the employees.
(g) To do monitoring, inspection of all workers of society and to sanction all casual and other leaves.
(h) To sign all documents of transfer of immovable property.
(i) To be responsible for conducting all the tasks of society.
(j) To operate all types of funds and accounts of the society.

Changes And amendments in the constitutions rules and by laws: A change or amendment in the constitution rule and by laws may be affected all through a resolution passed by 2/3 majority of the members voting for such an amendment.
Accounts of Society: The fund of the society will be deposited in an account opened in any nationalized bank or post office in the name of the society. All such amounts received by way of membership fees, donation, gift, subscription or grant will be deposited in the aforesaid account which will be jointly operated by the Manager and the President.
Audit of Income Expenditure of Society: The audit of income expenditure will be done by any auditor or chartered accountant recognized according to rule.
Responsibilities to conduct action in respect of court case by organizing the Society.: The Secretary will be responsible to conduct action by society or against any court case . Secretary can depute any person as his representative for this work.

Documents of Society: The following documents will be kept under the custody of Secretary.

(i) Minutes / Action Register
(j) Notice Register
(k) Membership Register
(l) Cash Book
(m) Stock Book
(n) Ledger Book
(o) Pass book etc.

Resolution of society: The procedure of dissolution of the society and disposal of the dissolved assets thereof: The society shall be dissolved as per section 13&14 of the Societies registration Act 1860,21 and its assets shall be disposed accordingly.