Annual Progress Report Year 2005-06

  • Ashutosh Siksha Avam Seva Sansthan is a registered institute under society registration Act 1860. It was established due to social welfare an for the purpose of rural financial development. The institute is taking an active part to accomplish the goals with the help of government, citizen, award member members of society and the governor and non-governor organizations etc. Today, the institute is fully devoted to the social welfare programs. The institute is proud of it because it has successfully accomplished its goal of social welfare. Following programmes are being run by the institute –
  • 1. Organization of hand block printing awareness camps :
    The institute organized several camps at the village Deegha in Khalilabad block, at Bankatia, Patkhauli, Kasaila, Nagwa, Mishraulia villages in which great artisonsigra and the representatives from varansi gave brief knowledge about Baba Saheb Ambedkar handicraft development scheme. Present craftsmen agreed to join the committee and work as a group so that the things made by hand block printing can be sold in countries.
  • 2. Hand block printing Design and organization of technical headquarters:
    Hand block printing design and technical development programme have been launched by the institute at the village ‘VANKATIA’ in ‘SANTKABIR NAGAR’ on 16-01-2006 to 30-01-2006 under Ambedkar Handycraft Development Scheme. In this workshop, 30 sculptors have taken an active part under the skillful direction of designer, Mr. Harshwardhan Singh. They have also been trained about the different designs. Sixteen new prototypes were also developed i.e. an extremely great acquisition.
  • 3. Inception of the exhibition of hand block printing:
    An exhibition of clothes made by self helped group related to hand-block printing was held by the institute at “shopping plaza” Bhelupur in varansi on 31.01.2006 to 9.2.2006. In this exhibition fourteen sculptors of self helped group have taken apart. In this exihibition the handicrafts at the cost of 5,50,0000 were arranged in ten stalls out of which the products of the cost of 2.81.685.00 were sold out successfully. It was ascertained by the chairman of cow service commission of U.P./ Chief Minister Dr. K.P. Yadav and he has also heartly praised the craftsmen, artisans and sculptors and also the institute.
  • Besides it the hand block printing training program was started by the institute at the village “NAGVA” IN SANTKABIR NAGAR on 16.01.2006 for six months in which 20 artisons of self helped group were trained and gained advantages of it under the direction of the trainer, Mr. Reyaj Khan of Mahar.
  • 4. The remedy programmes for cruelty towards animals:
    The institute has performed several tasks for the remedy of cruelty for animals. Under the animals welfare fortnight many awareness camps were started and the deer, rabbits and birds of Vinod forest, Gorakhpur were given many things such as carrots, ground-nuts bananas, grams, guavas etc. The dogs were sent to the animals clinic for controlling the birth of free dogs. Besides it, the awareness among the public was increased through the training to use the cow dung.
  • 5. Educational and literacy program :
    Different seminars were organized from time to time by the institution for development and propaganda of the importance of education and literacy among illiterate people. Many programs were launched through several schools for educating the children of backward classes. It imparts the patriotic, moral, and intellectual as-well-as formal education. Many lectures of erudite(or scholars) are also being run from time to time for the physical health and mental development.
  • 6. Awareness camp :
    The institute starts many development schemes and health seminars among the villagers. Farmer seminars were started during the awareness camp for giving knowledge of cause and reduction of leprosy, family welfare, cleanness, plantation, pure drinking water, biogas and dung gass. Thus, the institute has prepared the better environment for using the technologies for biogas and composting. Today, the plantation of many rural areas has been developed as the means of income and employment for farmers. Besides it the knowledge of arbitration, duties of citizens and civic rights are given in and inspiring way by the institute.
  • 7. Family welfare programs :
    Under this program people are emphasized for the gap between two children, welfare of mother and child, population control and the need of family planning. The women should be emphasized for the use of pregnancy control tablets and men should be given knowledge of the use of condoms that are available in the medical stores and health centers. From time to time government has given knowledge at the village and family level under the polio related campaign. People were given knowledge about the nutrition dose of green vegetables and they were inspired for planting the green vegetables.
  • 8. Women Awareness Program :
    The institute has started women seminars under which it has forced for women health, education, employment, nutrition ,food supplement, cleansing of individual and things of general use and to wash hands before and after meals etc. . The knowledge related to pure drinking water such as keeping distance between the sewerage, compost and the means of drinking water. It has been advised to keep the foods and drinking water properly to keep it away from the flies and dust.
  • 9. Prohibition Programs :
    Under this program prohibition seminars were started in villages in which men, women and children took apart. Alcoholism destroys the financial, social, mental and family conditions of human beings. To reduce the alcoholism, its side effects have been shown off before the public through street-plays. What are the drawbacks of alcoholism and how the family gets ruined of the person drowned in alcoholism are shown off before the public through dancing puppet. Under this program people have swelled or pledged to reduce this evil.
  • 10. Aides Controlling Programmes:
    The brief knowledge of the causes of aides diseases is given to people as well as the sexual relationship between males and females, use of condoms, the widening of H.I.V. through injections are shown via the short plays.
  • 11. Cultural Programmes :
    Cultural programmes were organized on the social and national occasions with the skillful persons, men, women and children. This program has proved the most appropriate medium to meet regional representatives, state level leaders, and skillful persons. The opinions of different classes were shown via these programmers. Discussions about the development of new schemes were held. These things were developed and advertised via the media (i.e. newspapers, radio and televisions).
  • 12. Environment :
    The institute organized the Environmental Awareness Campaign in the region under which there was the description through the learned people about the ecology, soil pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, social pollution and nuclear pollution etc. an explanatory lectures were given by the lectures about the plantation, better compost techniques, procedures of keeping pure drinking water and bio-gases safe and clean. The knowledge of controlling the pollution via the technical mediums was given to the people. The side effects of using the plastic. Bags were described by the institute in the newspaper, television channels and radio. A brief discussion was held in the reference of the side effects of the population explosion. The seminars about the “water life ambrosia” were organized with the help of SOHRATGADH Environmental Society, Siddharthnagar and people were inspired to drink pure water and to save it from pollution. It was developed under National Environmental Awareness campaign.
  • 13. Women commercial training programmes :
    Women of rural areas were trained for the cutting and sewing of clothes such as undergarments, blouse, trousers and to make then learned about the dig natures, alphabets and to take profits of different employments. Under this programme women were inspired to take apart in the running of small-scale industries such as of pickles, jams, jellies, and other eatables so that they can make their financial conditions better. The institute has also given knowledge to gain financial helps provided under banks and several governmental schemes.
  • 14. National Unity Camp :
    The evil of terrorism has become the problem of day to day life of most of the countries of the world the institute primarily finds it as its obligation to prevent the diversity of country. So it is needed to crush terrorism and to declare that we are only Indians. The only message of all castes and religion is-to serve the human beings. We or our country can be progressive if and only if our opinion will be same. The institute is performing the task of making the younger’s to understand these facts and to make them active.
  • At last, I am gratitude to all the villagers, the helpers of the institute, representatives, children of schools and all the classes of society who have helped is to organize successfully the above mentioned programmes. Again, I hope and trust that they shall help us similarly in the coming years also.