Annual Report 2010-11

The sources of income are centered to the number subscription and donation from the creative people. Grants and other sources Ashutosh Shiksha Evam Sewa Sansthan was founded as society for a nobles cause for the establishment, educational institute, school, college and over all development schedule cast, schedule tribes, backward down trodden, sick malnutritioned, illiterate and unemployed men, women and children of the society, the entire India is the area of work of society and it has established its divisional head office in the Gorakhpur.

Annual General Meeting : The Annual General meeting was held on 01 April 2010 the meeting was attached by all the members and staff of Ashutosh Shiksha Avom Sewa Sansthan.

After welcoming all the members, staff and guest, the secretary of the society requested the chairman to take the chair so that meeting may be started.

After occupying the chair by chairman / president secretary addressed the several activities after the copy of the financial statements were distributed among the members showing the receipt and payment account of that period.

The chairman further emphasized upon significant achievements of the society during the period and talked about future plans of the society and its.

1. Adult Education programme : After different type trial for education the rate of increasing of literary is very slowly. Adult education is more problem for our country so our society established 6 centre, village-Dhaska, Nagawa, Ekta, Sewain Bazar, Bheeti of Adult education. Our society is also thinking to increase the number of centre on its own cost.

2. Total Literacy programme : Considering very low level of child literacy literacy. The society has organized total literacy programme at Distt. Gorakhpur. The society has continuously been distributing necessary books free of cost to the participates of this programme. The participants of this programme were benefited largely and the parents of the participating children were agreed to encourage other to join these programme aimed at welfare of the masses. Further the society has decided to establish a school in the area to cover to the educational needs of the local people.

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