Annual Report 2009-10

3. Handicraft / Handicraft Artisan development Programme: Due to machinery period many human resources be coming destroy day by day. Result of this was the many type problem is creating for of our country, unemployment is increasing day by day. So, our society started hand block printing development programme for development of Handicraft under Ambedkar Hastshilp development yojana programme of Textile Ministry of Govt. of India. For this society is working for self help group formation, training of S.H.G., to making identity card for loan to artisan from Bank, design and technology workshop marketing of prepare material by handicraft artisan with the help of exhibition. Our society is doing this work for six years. Society selected 540 handicraft artisan of 25 village of district Sant Kabir Nagar. Society is forming SHG in group 15-15 artisan and providing loan to them for business, workshop training etc. society started marketing of prepared handicraft material by artisan is district Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Deoria, Maharajganj with the help of exhibition organizing.

4. Family welfare and population Control : Increasing of population is one of a great problem of different type of problem of our country. This problem is the cause of problem of many type of problems so society aware them with the help of camp and Rally in 50 villages of district Gorakhpur, Maharajganj, Siddharth Nagar, Deoria and Sant Kabir Nagar and told him the bad and good impact of increasing population and method of control of population.

5. Animal Conservation and cruelity removal program :It is true that in present time human became careless and cruel about human then it is a subject of thought what will be behaviour about animal. Human have no time for think about animal conservation and cruelity behaviour about animal. Result of this gaurdian less and helpless animal have very poor condition and they are suffering. They have no place to live and food result of this many type animal are comming about death or destroy for ever. The number of unhealthy animals are increasing day by day. So society have organized campaign for conservation of animal and avoid cruelty behaviour about animal. Society also organized camp and Rally for this with camp society told to people of profit with animal and distributed medicine to unhealthy animal.

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